Having consolidated its second place position in the European motorhomes market in 2018, the Citroën Brand has recorded the biggest growth of any car manufacturer for the last four consecutive years. Citroën now has over 10% market share in Europe in this segment, with registrations up more than 71%. SpaceTourer – the ideal base for any number of conversions – has contributed significantly to this growth. The SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept is faithful to the 100-year history of a popular Brand that has always worked to promote mobility and escape for as many people as possible. It symbolises Citroën’s dynamic approach in the motorhomes market.

A comfortable, modern and boundless means of escape
Compact externally, SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept is easy to handle and can negotiate any roads. It switches effortlessly from everyday life to leisure pursuits. For greater freedom of movement, it has two hands-free electric sliding side doors and an opening rear window, while its reduced height ensures it can access any car park.

Aimed at all those in search of escape and seeking modern and connected tools, this SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept motorhome derivative also offers a driving space incorporating the qualities of the production model: its comfort in line with the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, its generous on-board space, as well as the latest driving aids and connectivity technologies, including colour head-up display, Active Safety Brake, Citroën Connect Nav navigation, Mirror Screen, etc.
During excursions in the city or the countryside, the robust and practical SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept offers a driving experience in the very best conditions of comfort and safety! It is also capable of more intensive use, relying on its elevated ground clearance and all-wheel drive, created by partner Automobiles Dangel.  For even greater freedom, this all-wheel-drive transmission improves safety and makes it possible to get off the beaten track, regardless of the season or conditions, while maintaining the comfort, road-handling and performance of the SpaceTourer. Meanwhile, its BlueHDi 150 S&S BVM6 engine provides it with power and versatility at all times.

A mobile living and work space
Mobile and sociable, SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept is fully equipped to live everyday life in complete freedom, while still remaining connected. Following adjustments made by Pössl – the leading European converter of vans into motorhomes – SpaceTourer has been transformed into a true motorhome able to take up to four people on the adventure. Their layout has been designed for more space and comfort, with two seats in the front and two in the back, installed in rows 2 and 3 on the right-hand side.
Ready to take on any trip, SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept also benefits from numerous functional features to maximise space on board, thereby becoming a multifunction van, in which to live and work in complete comfort and serenity.
Following its Campster by Pössl conversion, it is instantly recognisable by its pop-up roof. Produced in Grey textile, it incorporates a large mosquito net, a perforated canvas and a concealed berth. In “night” configuration, two people can sleep in the dedicated berth above the cabin. For greater user comfort in “daytime” mode, the pop-up roof can lift to provide impressive ceiling height for standing up.

A strong character marked by the elegance of black and white
To reinforce the identity of this functionally designed concept, SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept adopts an elegant palette of Black and White to harmonise the exterior and interior.
The Colours and Trims designers have developed a two-tone exterior design. Set off by a special pattern, tinted side windows in the upper section are combined with a luminous White body tint for the lower section. In profile, a Red strip emphasises the vehicle's horizontal body line. SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept also has a large “The Citroënist Est.1919” sticker on its front door and a pennant on the driver side featuring a double flag with “The C” logo and double chevrons.
Citroën provides the same consistency of style on board. The seats contribute to the transversal theme, with a horizontal two-tone treatment emphasising the impression of space on board. Red straps, in reference to travel, and a Grey soft-touch covering adorn the passenger-side dashboard. On the driver side, an insert in the steering wheel refers to the name of the concept, “The Citroënist”.

Extended mobility with an exclusive bicycle “Rider The Citroënist by Martone”
With its “Rider The Citroënist by Martone” bicycle, suited to everyday life as well as leisure, Citroën goes beyond the simple concept. The public will be able to order this new equipment, synonymous with mobility, from the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, either directly at the stand or via the online store
In addition, Citroën has created a line of "The Citroënist” merchandise, available from the store or the online store. This collection of “The C” branded objects for everyday life, featuring the Black and White graphic universe of SpaceTourer The Citroënist Concept, includes a mug, a notebook, a pen, a USB stick and an elegant long-sleeved jacket. Discover them on