Recently launched on the market, New Citroën Berlingo is the ideal companion for all leisure activities and for all “tribes”. One more reason for the Brand, in cooperation with the Isobar France agency, to offer families a unique 100 % ‘Inspired by You’ experience: create your own family logo on a special website “My Family Logo”. In five easy, interactive steps, internet users can generate a custom-made logo for sharing on social media, from the 22,000 possible combinations.

Unveiled in Geneva last March, New Citroën Berlingo, like its predecessors, is the ideal partner for all leisure activities and for all families. Inspired by customers and the many ways they use their vehicle, New Citroën Berlingo offers an innovative and audacious solution, through its modular and practical design, as expressed in the advertising signature: “We didn’t invent the family, but we did invent the car that goes with it”.
Following on from the market launch of New Citroën Berlingo, the Citroën brand, in association with the Isobar France agency, is also offering families a new, 100 % ‘Inspired by You’ experience, enabling them to create a customised logo in their name, on a special website “My Family Logo”.
Just as each family is unique, each family deserves their own logo.
On,  internet users are invited to customise their logo, in five easy, interactive steps. After selecting the shape, colour, symbols and totem animal and entering their surname, the customised logo is revealed.
Users can download their logo to their computer or smartphone, and share it on Facebook and Twitter. With over 22,000 possible logo combinations, “My Family Logo” offers families a multitude of opportunities to proudly show off their colours.

Citroën is going even further by delivering the logo to your home, by means of a competition. To try your luck, just answer three questions about New Citroën Berlingo and confirm your participation. Among the prizes to be won are a box emblazoned with the family name containing the logo, a magnet and three t-shirts, but also 100 stickers displaying the logo.
Finally, to show off “My Family Logo” to its communities and beyond, the Brand has posted the logos of five famous families, real or imagined, on its Facebook page and Twitter account: the Citroën family, the Ewing family, the Potter family, the British royal family and the Zavatta/Pinder family.
The site “My Family Logo” has been online in Italy since 24 September and will soon be available in Portugal, Switzerland and Germany.

Discover the first ever family logo configurator in this video:

Discover all the features of the New Citroën Berlingo in its special showroom: