Announced at the Geneva Motor Show, the switch from the ‘Picasso’ name to ‘SpaceTourer’ to designate Citroën MPVs is an opportunity for the Brand to launch the 3rd episode of its advertising saga: ‘Can’t wait for the road’.

Following the same format as previous episodes, we return to the family and their mishaps on holiday, this time against the backdrop of a rental villa shared with a couple of friends... A series of disappointments and inconveniences once again lead the family to the same conclusion: nothing would be more relaxing and comfortable than getting back on the road with Citroën C4 SpaceTourer! Perfectly echoing the Brand's ‘Inspired by You’ signature, this new advertisement with its fresh and cheerful tone will be broadcast on TV for the first time Sunday, April 1st.
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As announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, Citroën is formalising a unique signature for all of its MPVs with the commercial designation ‘SpaceTourer’. Thus, C4 & Grand C4 Picasso respectively become C4 & Grand C4 SpaceTourer. This new signature is an opportunity for Citroën to launch the third episode of its family advertising saga, ‘Can’t wait for the road’, introduced at the end of summer 2016 with the first episode during the summer holidays, followed in January 2017 with a second episode during winter holidays…

This new film follows the same format: we return to our family and their run of mishaps on holiday. This time, the scene unfolds during a trip in the company of a couple of friends with whom the family is sharing a rental villa with a pool. A setting that should be relaxing but that once again leads to a series of disappointments and inconveniences, because their friends are shameless and intrusive. Anything goes: taking the nicest room for themselves; cannonballs in the pool; a long drawn out kiss on the boat trip; a noisy and intrusive drone during the nap; a spoiled child causing mischief at the expense of the family; etc.

All scenes that cannot help but remind everyone of situations that we all have more or less experienced and that reaffirm with humour the surest way to relax and stay calm on holiday with the family: hitting the road in the Citroën C4 SpaceTourer! Thanks to its spacious and generous interior, its ingenious versatility and its driving aid technologies, the Brand’s MPV offers all of its passengers the best of Citroën comfort!
Broadcast on the French TV channels starting April 1st, this new film is a perfect reflection of Citroën's ‘Inspired by You’ signature. It will be deployed in Europe in the weeks to come (Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, etc.).

Besides, the main film ( is supported by 4 mini-films which compare other inconvenient situations lived by the family and the unique solutions of C4 SpaceTourer: