Following the success of the “Origins” collector’s edition in 2019 celebrating the Brand’s centenary, in 2020 Citroën will be launching a new cross-cutting special edition. The new special edition, “C-Series”, echoes the “C” of the Citroën brand, its Comfort signature and the Character of its design. The core-market special edition stands apart through special and distinctive colours and trims and seduces through the attractiveness of the comfort-boosting equipment. New-generation C4 Cactus, which has carved out a unique position in the compact hatchback segment with sales of over 140,000 units since launch in 2018, is the second “C-Series” model in the range after C3 Aircross SUV, launched last month. It will be followed in first-half 2020 by C3, C5 Aircross SUV, Berlingo and C4 SpaceTourer (depending on the markets). C4 Cactus C-Series is available to order from 2 January 2020 starting at €21,350 (PureTech 110 S&S 6speed manual C-Series).


Launched in early 2018 and completely redesigned compared with the previous generation, new-generation C4 Cactus has forged a unique position in the highly competitive compact hatchback segment. It has already won over more than 140,000 customers, attracted by its original design, benchmark comfort and core-segment technologies.
Boasting modern, characterful and flowing styling, C4 Cactus is strong on customisation, with 24 combinations in the form of touches of colour on the front bumper and Airbump® on the front doors. The new-generation C4 Cactus has taken comfort into a whole new dimension with two innovations developed as part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme aimed at greater well-being and travelling comfort: the suspension with Progressive Hydraulic
Cushions®, which makes a “magic carpet ride” effect broadly affordable, filtering out road surface imperfections with no compromise on road-holding and driving pleasure; and Advanced Comfort seats, providing visual, postural, welcome and travelling comfort alike, affording a cocoon-like in-car experience. The model is a true invitation to travel for all passengers.


After C3 Aircross SUV in December 2019, the “C-Series” special edition is now available on C4 Cactus. Accentuating the character and comfort of the Brand’s models, the range-spanning special series places the emphasis on colours and materials and equipment that simplifies the in-car experience.
Outside, C4 Cactus C-Series keeps the refined and elegant hatchback styling of C4 Cactus, combined with the Anodised Deep Red Color Pack comprising coloured Airbump® and fog-lamp trim. The distinctive, embossed  “C-Series” badge graces the front doors, below the door mirrors.
The body colours available are pure and elegant, ranging from white (Polar White or White Pearlescent) and grey (Cumulus Grey or Platinum Grey) to black (Obsidian Black), creating five harmonious, original and refined combinations. 
Inside, the design scheme is specific to the “C-Series” special series. The dashboard, upholstered in Grey TEP with straps, patterns and buckles, in the purest tradition of the world of luggage and travel, is uncluttered and warm. It perfectly matches the Advanced Comfort seats with their unrivalled comfort, boasting white topstitching and a contrasting horizontal red line at the top of the seats that echoes the touches of colour outside. The “C-Series” logo on the seat labels reminds passengers of the exclusive nature of the collection. The design scheme is rounded out by special black protective mats front and rear with red topstitching.
Based on the elegant and comfortable Feel trim level, the “C-Series” version also features:
  • Equipment that boosts comfort on board C4 Cactus, simplifies everyday life and creates total peace of mind, with electric-folding door mirrors, passenger-seat height adjustment, and the following technologies of connectivity: Citroën Connect Nav and Citroën Connect Box Emergency and Assistance System.
  • Dark-tinted windows and rear window, underlining the flowing and pure design of C4 Cactus.  
C4 Cactus C-Series is powered by the efficient and high-performance PureTech petrol and BlueHDi diesel engines available on the Feel trim level: PureTech 110 S&S 6-speed manual, BlueHDi 100 S&S 6-speed manual, BlueHDi 120 S&S EAT6.