The 86e Rally of Monte Carlo opens the World championship of the Rallys 2018. Citroën presents “Little Big Racing”, a series of 13 videos plunging C3 the WRC in the middle of special most prestigious of the 13 tests of the season.

The first images let nothing there appear. A Citroën C3 WRC is played of the pins of the Collar of Turini (Rally of Monte Carlo) and traverses the 1.200 meters of uneven with any pace. Nothing more normal with the screen, finally. Except that, to look at there more closely, the video reveals a very other performance.

With “Little Big Racing”, Citroën launches a series of videos carried out with a miniature of C3 WRC (1/43e) in decorations on scale 1/43e, bluffants of realism. Taken along by the hand of Kris Meeke, controls Citroën Racing, C3 WRC evolves in the landscapes of special most prestigious of each of the 13 handles of the World championship of the Rallys 2018.

Each model “Little Big Racing” respects the topography of the special WRC, but also its specificities in terms of meteorology and vegetation, faithful in that to the real conditions of race. “Little Big Racing”, beyond its creative aspect, shares number of technical information around the 13 special ones, which helps with better understanding the performances of C3 WRC: made uneven, altitude, length of the jump, maximum speed, temperature engine and of the brakes, quantity of tires used, many passages of reports, etc.

Assemblies the ones after the others, the 13 models of “Little Big Racing” give to see various topographies and vegetations, which make clearly identifiable the countries crossed by the World championship of the Rallys.

The first video “Little Big Racing” is to be discovered HERE

#C3WRClive: Citroën invites its fans to live live each rally
The videos “Little Big Racing” will be diffused on the Facebook pages and Twitter accounts from Citroën and Citroën Racing, one week before each rally. The #C3WRClive emission, which invites the fans to live follow the World championship of the Rallys with Citroën Racing, will make its return on the pages Facebook Citroën and Citroën Racing to each test.

The Mark uses regularly Facebook Live as channel of communication, at the time of the reveals again SUV Compact Citroën C3 Aircross and of New Truck Citroën C4 Cactus last year. In 2017, the emissions #C3WRClive gathered nearly 14 million fans throughout the world.

In 2018, the #C3WRClive one will be diffused once per day, of the Thursday to Sunday. Appointment for the first live on Thursday, January 25 at the evening with the crews before the first special ones.

FOR ALL TO FOLLOW THE #C3WRCLIVE ONE: www.facebook.com/citroenracing or www.facebook.com/Citroen

CITROËN RACING on WhatsApp: With new season, new number. Follow the performances of Citroën Racing on your smartphone via the WhatsApp mail system by adding our new number to your contacts:
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