Citroën today is launching a new institutional campaign entitled “Citroën inspired by you”. The Brand is putting into images the experience people have in their cars, inspired by the findings of a survey carried out in Europe and published on 28 September. The campaign consists of a main film and several short films, each one depicting the responses provided by Citroën cars, technologies and services to continually enhance the in-car experience.


Two weeks ago, Citroën published the results to its exclusive “Our lives in cars” survey carried out in seven European countries. The results comprise the responses of over 3,500 drivers and passengers on their automotive habits. After the figures, make way for the images: Citroën today is launching its new institutional campaign, “Citroën inspired by you”. Created on the basis of the findings of the survey, administered by CSA Research, the campaign depicts what we all experience in our cars:
  • The main film (long, 50-second format) is based on the following idea: we spend 4 years and 1 month of our lives in a car, so you might as well enjoy that time in a Citroën! The film shows how the Brand’s cars enable people to take best advantage of that in-car time, for example, through user-friendly design and travelling well-being.
  • A series of shorter films (six, lasting 15 to 20 seconds) provide a practical illustration of how the Brand’s technologies and services are making motoring an increasingly seamless experience.
    This is true of the film on MyCitroën, the mobile app that helps motorists find their car when they have forgotten its whereabouts – something that happens 104 times in a driver’s life!

The new campaign also kicks off a change in some of the Brand’s visual cues, with:

  • a new, flat-design 2D logo, lending the double chevron extra modernity and visibility,
  • a new, warm and rhythmic, sound signature, reflecting the Brand’s values of boldness and closeness.
    As with Citroën’s most recent campaigns, the music was created by a talented French electro-pop artiste,
    this time DatA, as part of a project led with Sacha Sieff called Retrofuturesoul.
    His previous collaborative effort with the Brand for the “Bus shelter” TV ad for the Citroën C1 has won a number
    of awards, and the video for “Don’t Sing” has attracted over five million views.  

The campaign showcases the difference of the Citroën brand
Citroën has always been interested in the relationship people have with their cars. This attachment to people is inscribed in Citroën’s DNA and has never wavered throughout its history. The Brand’s cars, always connected to their time, stand as solutions for the uses of all motorists. For Citroën, drivers and passengers are the best possible source of inspiration, as shown once again in this new campaign.